Dry Cleaning Services

Below you’ll find a detailed list of the dry cleaning services we offer.

Have a question or need an item treated we don’t cover here?

Apthorp Cleaners offers dry cleaning services for every type of garment imaginable. Because we own and operate a fully-equipped cleaning facility, we can ensure the appropriate cleaning method is employed. Textiles are always evolving, so we’ve made it our mission to stay attuned to the latest fabrics and technologies and incorporate new treatment methods.

Shirt Care

Shirts can last for many years with proper care and the correct use of agents and processes.

Signature Shirt Service
This tier includes fine laundering and machine-finishing for standard-cut, 100% cotton shirts with no special designer details.

Custom Club Service
Perfect for shirts with more design detail, blended fabrics, or a fabric finish. Fitted shirts especially demand enhanced care, with a gentler laundering and finishing process.

Bespoke Service
This couture hand-care service was created to treat customers’ most prized shirts, such as formal wear and tuxedo shirts. Bespoke service includes hand cleaning in a specially developed bath, pure rinse, hand finishing, button protection, and more.

Top Drawer Service
Caters to dress shirts that are ideal for dry cleaning based on manufacturer’s care instructions, the fabric blend, or the depth of color. Our Top Drawer Service can preserve dark colors and extend the life of the shirt.

Scarf & Tie Care

Most dry cleaners will machine-press scarves and ties flat, but we know these accessories’ edges should be rolled, so we take the time to hand-finish and preserve the rolled edges that often make these items so valuable in the first place.

Bed Linens & Table Linens

Customers bring us their finest bed and table linens, like vintage linens and monogrammed heirlooms, that must be processed by hand. We gently soak these delicate linens in a large tub, using specialized European cleaning formulas that contain bactericide, fungicide, and germicide to protect your items.

If your linens are vintage or have suffered damage, don’t assume all is lost! Bring them to Apthorp Cleaners and we’ll let you know if they can be restored.

Carpets, Draperies, and Upholstery

The Kravet family grew up and worked in the world of fine home furnishings and textiles (think Kravet Fabrics). You can trust our knowledge of luxury fabrics, trims, and carpets to preserve and enhance your investments in decorative textiles and finishes. We recommend regular cleaning to maintain their beauty and remove any unhealthy allergens. If off-site cleaning is required, we’ll pick up and return your items to their proper place in your home.

Clean, Ship & Go

So, you have a big trip planned. Instead of hauling luggage in and out of cars, planes, airports, and hotels, how would you like to drop off your garments at Apthorp Cleaners and have them waiting for you when you arrive at your destination?

With our Clean, Ship & Go service, we clean, neatly fold, hang, and pack your clothes and ship them wherever you’re headed. Let us eliminate some of the hassles of traveling, an inherently hassling experience.