Specialty Services

Below you’ll find a detailed list of the Specialty Services we offer.
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Many of our clients will opt to have our tailor perform alterations in-store. Alterations are often more complicated than they seem, so it’s important to work with a superbly talented tailor. Altered garments should suggest a custom look, as if they were made just for you. That’s what our tailor can help you achieve.

Stain Treatment & Garment Restoration

If your garment falls victim to wine, food, ink, blood, or or blood stains, don’t assume you’ll have to send it to the “get rid of ” pile. Blot out as much of the stain as you can and bring the garment to us as soon as possible.

We’ll inspect the garment to let you know if we can remove the stain. If we’re not sure, we’ll get a second opinion and possibly test the fabric. We’ll also review the cost with you so you can decide whether you want to move forward. Customers are routinely shocked by our ability to remove tough stains.

Our garment restoration services often involve treating older items that have yellowed or discolored over the years, like an old wedding gown, tuxedo vest, or vintage napkins.


Reweaving is a specialized form of restoration that repairs damaged fabrics. A snag in the cashmere of a wool sweater, a burn hole in a suit jacket, a small tear in a dress, and moth damage to natural fibers are all common problems that can often be addressed with reweaving.

Formal Wear, Crystals, Beads & Sequins

Crystals, beads, sequins, gems, and feathers are no longer the exclusive domain of evening gowns and cocktail dresses. Today’s casual clothes like jeans, sweaters, and blouses are often trimmed with unique embellishments.

Most of these garments have tags that say “spot clean only” or “do not dry clean,” leaving people at a loss for how to have them cleaned. But at Apthorp Cleaners, we know how to know how to process challenging casual wear and fancy formal wear with proper testing and special handling.

Couture Care

Couture is all about making bold statements with high fashion from top designers. There’s a “feel” to the fabric. There’s a “look” to the drape and cut. There’s an artistry to the underlying construction. There could very well be over-the-top embellishments and ornamentation.

These types of garments worn on the runway and red carpet need to be delicately hand-cleaned by trained craftsmen to maintain their essential features. When Apthorp Cleaners cares for your couture garments, they’ll look their best when you unleash them on the world

Leather and Suede Processing

Leather and suede processing is a highly specialized skill and artform. Scars and blemishes can often be characteristics of authentic leather, but you want to prevent your leather goods from wear, disintegration, or dye transfer. Although leather is considered to be one of the most durable materials, it still needs care and upkeep to guarantee its longevity.