All prices listed below are base prices. Drawing on more than 50 years of experience in the art and science of cleaning and finishing, we’ll choose the appropriate processes based on your item’s needs, as well as well as its fabric type, color, any beading, crystals, or trim, and other factors — all of which will contribute into the final price. Our cleaning staff is New York State Certified, offering a full spectrum of cleaning methods, such as traditional dry cleaning, organic cleaning, professional wet cleaning, and hand cleaning.

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Pants/Slacks $18.50*
Jackets 32.50*
2pc Suits 37.50*
Dresses 37.50 *
2pc Dresses 87.50*
Robes 72.50*
Blouses/Shirts 18.50*
Sweaters 22.50*
Coats 72.50*

Raincoats 87.50*
Outer Jackets 57.50*
Cocktail Dresses 87.50*
Evening Dresses 122.50*
Shirts (Dry Cleaned) 18.50*
Ties 27.50*
Scarves 37.50*
Shawls 57.50*
Skirts 27.50*

Household and Hand Laundry

Bedspreads 122.50*
Blankets 72.50*
Coverlets 87.50*
Napkins 12.00*
Placemats 14.00*

Pillow Cases 16.00*
Pillow Shams 27.50*
Duvet Covers 122.50*
Sheets 47.50*
Tablecloths 87.50*

Other Specialty Items (Prices by Request)

Suedes and Leathers
Down & Ski Wear
Wedding Gowns
Vintage Garments & Restoration
Tailoring (In Home Fittings by Appointment)
Storage and Fur Storage (Year Round)

All Prices listed are Base Prices. There will be additional Upcharges for Fabric Types, Colors, Designer/Couture, Linings, Leather, Vintage, Down, Skiwear, Stains & Condition.

* Designer details will impact pricing and include: Trims (Sequins, Crystal, Beading, Rhinestones Braiding, Feathers, Fur, Leather/Suede, Flowers, etc.) Construction, Pleats, Ruffles, French Cuffs, Buttons, Fabric Treatments, Fabric Surface Prints, Spot Cleaning or other special care requirements, Depilling, Lining, Rolled Hems, Tapered Cuts, Fluting, Embellishments, and other factors that determine processes and precautions required and final prices.

* The cleaning process we select will be dictated by the needs and nature of the item in question. We are fully equipped to use a full spectrum of cleaning methods, including Traditional Dry Cleaning, Organic Cleaning, Professional Wet Cleaning, Hand Laundry and Hand Cleaning. Our Cleaning Staff is New York State Certified. Combined we have over 150 Years experience in the art and science of cleaning and finishing. All prices are subject to change without notification.